Olivier Taquin

In 1978, Olivier TAQUIN began his career as a teacher.

Attracted by miming technique, he decided to widen his knowledge so as to be able to teach it to the children at school.

He followed several courses for clowns with P. RICHY (France), then a miming course given by Fudjo ISHIMARU ( Japan) in 1981-1982 as well as other courses given by different teachers in Belgium, one of whom was Joseph COLLARD.

From 1978 to 1984, he performed as an amateur mime in night clubs, schools and small theatres. At the same time he taught miming at several dance and theatre training courses. It was during one of these courses that he met his partner Eric JENICOT (teacher).

They worked together from 1982 to 1984, as a pair of clowns and mimes.

In 1984 Olivier specialised in automation and therefore worked alone for some advertising campaigns and at night club shows. Managing several activities at the same time, teaching, miming and automation, he finally had to make a choice: he chose show business and became professional.

In 1985, wishing to widen the magnitude of his automation performances, he joined forces with his brother, who at the time was doing some mime shows on his own. At the height of their association they put the finishing touches to their street show and made various appearances for advertising campaigns. They worked like this for about a year.

At the end of 1985, they presented their show at the "Festival du Merveilleux" at Barvaux and won the prize awarded by the public and judges.

In 1986, they took part in the "Festival du Rire" at Rochefort and won the Press Award.

In 1987, Olivier decided to change partners and happened to meet up with his old friend Eric JENICOT. Together, they reworked the show by returning to the streets for 6 months in order to finalise and iron out any teething problems.

At last it was running smoothly, so they prepared themselves for the "FESTIVAL MONDIAL DU CIRQUE DE DEMAIN" where they won the gold medal in front of an enthusiastic and unanimous public and jury.

At last, after many years of hard work and dedication their great talent was acknowledged.

At the end of the festival numerous contracts poured in : galas - advertising campaigns - television shows in Spain, Italy, UK, Switzerland - "Bal de la Rose"/Monaco, Festival "Juste pour Rire"/Montreal ...

In 1990, Eric JENICOT decided to go alone under the name of ELLIOT. Olivier, on the other hand, partnered with Olivier DECHAVEAU.

During 1990-1991 they travelled together with the "Big Apple Circus" tour in the United States.

From 1994 to 1997 they topped the bill in the Roncalli Circus, Germany and continued their career throughout Europe in variety shows, galas, festivals until 2002.

Olivier joined forces with a new partner, Ramon HOPMAN, in October 2002. He had met him at the Ostende Festival for Clowns. 12 years of a very rich and vivid partnership with Olivier DECHAVEAU comes to an end.

Olivier Dechaveau

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