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14.11.2014 - Kultur Leipzig

"They are among the best acrobats in the world of facial expression. When OT and OD, begin to react with their facial expressions to the film music film, it's great cinema. The taquins brothers, are the sauce that binds the whole performance of the Krystallpalast Christmas show."

14.11.2014 - Leipziger Zeitung

"For the comedy is provided by the enchanting « frères taquins ». Two wonderful mimes from Belgium. They do, already, with the preshow a single event. And their robot number is a wonderful moment in the second part of the show."

31.08.2014 - Gütersloher Kultur

"The Mimes Taquins , are such fine comedians and move so well... I could watch them, all evening."

30.08.2014 - Circus-Online

"The salient point of the program are the Taquins Brothers who with their excellent performance, show that there are some of the best comedians...
As a final number the Taquins Brothers, offer us their human machine. No matter how many times you've seen this act, it is always a incredible experience. These two characters are so convincing, they make the audience forget that they are following a script.