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08.10.2008 - Washington Post

"A running gag through the first part of the show has Big Apple regular Valdis Yanovskis carrying a mannequin across the ring, knocking into other circus performers. The mannequin turns out to be Belgian mime Olivier Taquin, and when the two take their turn center circle, they enthrall with a captivating twist on the age-old ventriloquist-and-his dummy turn. Part of Big Apple's charm is the way it shamelessly uses audience humiliation -- er, participation -- as part of the show. The good-natured mom who tangoed with Taquin at Sunday's show deserves a cut of the box office."

09.2008 - Boston - The Reporter

"More discriminating comedy connoisseurs might prefer Belgian guest artist Olivier Taquin, playing a tuxedoed mannequin come to life. Taquin is especially hilarious when robotically lurching through a tango, dragging along a hapless female plucked from the audience."

13.04.2006 - Allemagne - Stuttgarter Wochenblatt

"Die hohe Schule der Pantomime brachten 'Les Frères Taquins' auf die Bühne

Ce que les Frères Taquins montraient sur la scène était de la Haute École du mime."

11.04.2006 - Allemagne - Esslinger Zeilung

"Glänzend beobachten die beiden Meister der Korperbeherrschung und des Timings zwei Typen im Kind und becircen als tanzende Puppe auf der Spieluhr.

Les deux maîtres de la maitrise du corps et du bon moment observent brillamment deux types dans l’enfant et ils séduisent comme poupées dansantes dans une pendule à carillon."