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22.12.2012 - Aachener Zeitung

"Les frères taquins partent dans tous les sens. Ils sont sauvages, romantiques, mais surtout hilarants. Spécialement dans leur interaction avec le public. Entre autre, les frères taquins offrent du « slapstick » dans un art heureux et hilarant. On ne peut pas dire quel est le plus comique entre le numéro d’automate ou celui du cinéma."

09.04.2009 - Boston - The Patriot ledger

"One of the most unusual acts is “Sounds of Silence,” where Belgian Olivier Taquin mimes a giant wind-up toy man. He is so convincing that adults take a while to realize what’s going on and a child is sure “there’s someone in there."

07.04.2009 - Boston - Circus revue

"And while mime Olivier Taquin does impressive work as a giant toy - at the start of his routine, the room echoes with the sound of kids asking, "Is he real?" - the act goes on a little too long, and the kids are fidgeting by the end."

06.04.2009 - Cape Cod Times

"Oliver Taquin and Valdis Yanovskis offer an excellent mime routine that has the children in the audience whispering among themselves wondering if Taquin is really human."