Les Frères Taquins...

For many years they have travelled the world bringing happiness to people with their routines. And magically, their performance has kept the fragile freshness of the first moment…as if something could happen any minute ….and it does. Why is that? Perhaps because these performances were born on the street, before developing into the acts we now know…and how important it is to remember your roots.

The curtain is hardly opened and already you are captivated, as if you were a secret accomplice. You are slightly disturbed by this actor who proudly presents “ his” wonder: an android, an automaton with human traits, which seems to come from the 19th century. As if by magic the cogs in the wheels start to turns and the mechanical doll draws us into his perfectly regulated world. There, cold elegance is conjured up by well-oiled movement: the relentless repetition of an existence too perfect to be real. But then everything happens in quick succession: the too perfect mechanical doll seems unwilling to function anymore. He is paralysed by unrequited love. His keeper searches in the audience for the kindred soul, whom the doll has glimpsed and surreptitiously chosen.

Then everything happens all at once. The doll discovers his human feelings. Both characters experience a magical moment as in a Comedia dell’Arte dream . This scene is as comical as it is touching. I don’t need to say anymore. You have to see it, be part of it, - simply experience it.

This comedy with constant shades of black, exudes happiness that you are delighted to share. So! Off to Les Frères Taquins.

There are treasures waiting to be found.

Gaetan Bloom.